Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there .

Tell us a story about that photo.

This is  my smiling family after a morning of volunteering for the Autism 5K in Richmond, VA.  I signed us all up to volunteer to support the cause and the school that I work for.  The school is for students with significant cognitive disabilities; our school helps get them job ready and independent members of society while they are there.

Though I work in the school’s office, I have a lot of daily interaction with students and it is a wonderful thing.  We are coming to the end of our inaugural year, and I am so proud of how far the students and the school as come since we opened.  Being a charter school, we are learning the ins and outs of things and we go the extra mile for our students, and it shows in their performance.

I went to school to be a teacher, and I will finish that degree real soon.  But for now, I am enjoying being a part of this amazing group of people and the work we are doing .  I am so proud of my family too for not giving one ounce of resistance to coming out and volunteering with us.  My son lives with Aspergers Syndrome and understands that it is part of the spectrum, and was excited to take part in this experience.  He made sure that his purple shirt was washed so that he could wear it to school on the Monday following the race to show it off.

This picture (smiles, sunshine, shirts and all) exemplifies the spirit of my family, and our pride for the school I work for.  It was a wonderful experience!


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