Visiting Poems of My Past


I was going through some poems and stories I wrote a long time ago this weekend and I came across one that I really liked.  Remember on Friday when I wrote about my love affair with writing?  That caused me to take a look and see if there were any pieces that can be resurrected into something relevant today.

After reading through all the lonely and heartbreaking poems, this one was pretty good and I wanted to share it.  Now, if you are a writer of any kind, you know that sharing something like this is a tough thing to do; its like baring your soul and sitting in wait of judgement.  But, I wanted to eventually have that book on the shelves (gasp!), so here I go:




Opening the mouth of the

liquor of heat

intoxication sweet

unable to feel.


tasting the crimson tone

of the shot glass

as you pass

unable to move.


yearning for moist lips

craving warmth

needing a touch.


stair master sweat lay dormant

upon the brow of the one

who desired

who’s desired

when finally



Written: 5-12-1997


Don’t be too hard on me! =)


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