10 Day Blogging Challenge: Days 6 & 7


I am behind having missed yesterday, so I decided to double up this morning!  Turn offs and guilty pleasures are on tap for today, thanks to this challenge put on by Sharon’s Book Nook!

Day 6: Five Turn Offs

  1. People with negative/bad attitudes – I try to live my life in a positive way, and when I am around people who constantly complain, it really drags me down.  Also, when people simply have a piss-poor attitude in general, I find it difficult to be around them.  I am not saying that I am above having bad days, because I have them more than I would like to admit.  I am talking about those that it is ingrained in: sucking teeth at stupid things, rolling eyes and dismissive attitude when things are not exactly how they think they should be.  I simply will not be associated with people like that anymore.
  2. Ignorant/Helpless People – I am not referring to those that have valid problems in life.  Mental illness is something that I live with in a small capacity, and I know those that simply cannot help themselves because it is clinical.  I get that.  I am talking about those that CHOOSE to have others do everything for them.  Lazy people.  The whiners that expect hand-ups when they are perfectly capable of getting up and walking across the room to get something themselves.  Also, I cannot take people who choose to stay narrow-minded and not entertain other sides of stories or situations.  I am not saying that everyone should believe the same thing, I am saying just be open to listening to someone else without placing judgement.  There is WAY too much of that going on in this country.
  3. Sheep – No, I am not talking about the animal.  I am talking about those that follow a trend, rumor or otherwise, simply for the sake of fitting in and staying mainstream.
  4. Fake Celebrity – Kardashians, Hiltons, any reality show “celebrity” – what a false message they send young people about life.  I have a difficult time thinking that Snookie has published TWO books.  Since when is the television channel, TLC a reality TV station?
  5. Politics –  Can we agree as a people who no matter who we vote in, they are going to suck at something and thrive at something?  Why are we divided like we are?  Vote for the least offensive and move on.  If you don’t like it, run for office.  It is as simple as that.  I HATE political attack ads &  people on their high horses.



Day 7: Four Guilty Pleasures


The TV Show, Dallas – I was so excited when TNT revamped this ’80’s television drama, and was equally devastated when I found out that they cancelled it after three seasons.  Not only is the eye-candy good, but it was rich with nonsense and drama.


Grey’s Anatomy – Now, I did not begin watching this television show in real-time until a couple of years ago.  I ended up catching up on it through a Lifetime marathon from beginning to end (at the time).  Now, no one gets between me and my TV on Thursday Nights.


Carbs – Oh yes!  That evil food product that everyone avoids!  I love breads, chips, cheeses etc.  Until the day that I am told that it is life or death to stop consuming this heavenly group of organic compounds, I will enjoy every single bite!


Music – Now normally this would not be considered a “guilty pleasure”, but I listen to EVERYTHING.  You can walk into my office and hear anything from P!nk, Britney Spears, Foo Fighters, Barry Manilow, Metallica, Jay-Z, etc.  I like to say that I have musical multiple personality disorder lol  I enjoy it all!!  So if you hear me singing Sweet Caroline, just join in 🙂

10 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5


Today, I have to list how to  win my heart, but I find this difficult because my heart has been taken for more than half my life by my husband.  But, I suppose that winning my heart can be a friend, co-worker etc. as well.  So, to complete today’s challenge from Sharon’s Book Nook,:

Day 5: Six Ways to Win My Heart

  1. HONESTY. – I cannot express enough to the people in my life, and those that are incoming, that honesty is the best policy with me, even when it hurts.  I am the type of person that will get over the sting of a harsh truth faster than an appeasing lie.  Sure, a debate may ensue, or questions may be asked, but I can do nothing but respect honesty from someone.
  2. SENSE OF HUMOR – I love to laugh, and I crack jokes all the time (that are 95% of the time not funny to others).  So, if you can make me laugh, you are in! LOL
  3. HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF SELF – It is so attractive to me to see someone sure of themselves without being arrogant.  That is a fine line to walk, but it can be done.
  4. RECIPROCATION –  When I care and love someone, I do it with my whole heart.  I am a passionate person.  When I am your friend or on your side, I am THERE.  You can count on me for anything.  With that, I would like to think that someone would care enough to reach out from time to time to me as well.  I am not asking for exact replication, I would just like to know that you care about me as much as I care about you.
  5. RANDOM MESSAGES – Little messages or hello’s during busy times lets me know that I am an important piece in your life.  Texting is an amazing thing!  I know people are busy, so am I.  But when people pop in my head, or if I find myself thinking about someone, I reach out and let them know.
  6. BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOME THING – Nothing is more intriguing to me than someone who is passionate about something – your job, education, politics, life.  ANYTHING.  A person like this is someone I can learn something from.  I like that.


So, do you think it is difficult to win my heart?

10 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 4


This is one of the most difficult of Sharon’s Book Nook 10 Day Blogging Challenge.  I love all of my posts, so to choose seven is difficult.  But, I did it!  I give to you:

Day 4: 7 Favorite Blog Posts from My Blog


A Very Pinterest Housewarming Party

I had such a blast planning and entertaining for the first time in my new home, I had to choose this as one of my favorites!  There are great links to quick and easy recipes that can be used for up and coming holiday parties!


New Poem! Silence

As of this post, I had not written a new poem in a couple of years.  To write one and then share it is a big deal.  This is definitely one of my favorite posts!


Casting Off My Shackles

Depression is a bitch.


Pinned It, Did It Wednesday – Coffee Station

This, by far, is my favorite Pinned It, Did It!  I love my coffee station!


Battle At The Family Reunion

I took the Blogging University, Blogging 101 class, and in this post I had to post original work using dialogue.  I am uncomfortable with it, but I think I did a pretty good job here!


My Love Affair With Writing

This post reminds me why I love to write, and why I need to continue!


My Hometown

Any time I can write about my home town is a good post.  This is my love letter to Buffalo.

10 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 3


I don’t do much travelling as of now, and a lot of the reason why not is because of money.  But these eight places are places I will go to before I die!  I took this challenge from Sharon’s Book Nook.

Day 3: Eight Places I Want To Go


Venice, Italy

I have had a love affair with Italy for as long as I can remember.  Every picture I see is beautiful, the landscape is gorgeous, and the food….I have to try that food!

vail co

Vail, Colorado (In Winter)

Again, the picturesque scenery, the mountains.  It is all so romantic to me!


Las Vegas, Nevada

I just want to go here and have fun!  Oh, and renew my wedding vows with Elvis 🙂


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando FLA

I LOVE Harry Potter, and to think I can experience it in this theme park is amazing to me!  I joke that this is where I want to celebrate my 40th birthday in April lol  Me, a wand and butter beer!


New York City, NY (At Christmas time)

Not at New Years Eve time, Christmas time.  When the Rockafeller Christmas tree is up, the skating rink is running and the snow is falling.  That is how I want to experience NYC!



I want to go here for all of the touristy reasons!  I am not a fan of the royal family, but I would love to see the Thames river!


Paris, France (In Springtime)

Again, for all of the touristy reasons!  But I specifically would like to head to the Locks Bridge.  I am sure my husband and I can fit our lock on there! 🙂

Where so YOU want to go?

The Dos and Don’ts of Being Dumb

I love this blogger!

People Acting Like People

The fear of every child is to be called stupid. It’s the most painful thing to hear. Hear it enough and you start to believe it.

Before I ever realized I was diagnosed with a behavioral disorder I would still be offended by how other children would treat those who struggled mentally. Even their language was designed to insult intelligence. “That’s so stupid. That’s so dumb. That’s so retarded.”

In truth, stupidity is a universal human quality. All are guilty of doing dumb things at some point. None of us begin our lives fully equipped with sufficient knowledge to perform well in all settings. And low intelligence is not a genetic trait. It’s a learned behavior.


Tell someone you don’t know who the second president of the United States is and they will pay you no mind. Tell someone you don’t know who the current president is and they…

View original post 798 more words

10 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2


Day 2 of this blogging challenge set by Sharon’s Book Nook, has me telling listing books that I want to read.  Now, if you refer to yesterday’s post, you will see that I mentioned that I have a list of books longer than years left in my life that I want to read.  I need to get cracking on that list, and pronto!  I have an eclectic taste in books, but I am not a fan of sticky-sweet romance novels or erotica.  If you would like to be my friend on GoodReads, you can find me HERE!  So, today I give you:

Day 2: Nine Books I Want To Read


I read about this book in one of those “Must Read” book lists.  I cannot remember where I saw this particular list, but when I read the synopsis of the book, I immediately put it on my list.


The first book I read by Jonathan Tropper was This Is Where I Leave You, which was made into a movie and premiered at the beginning of the month.  I loved the voice he gave his characters and I could not wait to look up other novels by him to add to my list!


My book club threw this book title around as a possible option for this month’s selection.  I am a sucker for a book that tells a tale about a mother/daughter relationship.  This one seems to be a light book to read.


I know a couple of people who are reading this book, and to be honest, this was not on my radar as an option at first.  When I found out the premise of the book, I immediately added it.  It is worth the look!


Here is where you begin to see my eclectic nature when it comes to reading.  This is a book of poems about being a wife, but again, the synopsis of the book is what got me to add it.


Oh Mr. Green, how you made me cry.  Yes, I am a lover of the young adult book, The Fault in Our Stars.  I had to look up more from this author because, not since I was a teen, has an author brought me to tears.  I enjoy his writing and I added this to my list as a second helping of him.


Every since I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher.  I went back to school to be a teacher as an adult, and circumstances in life forced me into a different direction.  I do work in a school, however, and I see the differences in schools in different areas and it is deeply concerning.  This book was listed on a friend’s most influential book list to her, and I had to add it.


This classic is on a lot of my friend’s most influential list, and it has always been on my list to read.


Again, this is another classic that has been on my list to read for years.  I will get it in!!

What is on YOUR to-read list?

10 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1 (For Me)


I have been very behind in posting lately, and that is simply because I am not taking the time to do it.  But, I am hoping by taking part in the challenge that Sharon’s Book Nook put out a few days ago kicks me in the butt and gets me going!  I am starting this challenge a couple of days behind, but better late than never, I say!  So, I give to you:


  1. I love to read and write. – Lately, it seems as though I enjoy the idea of these things more than partaking in them, but they are a part of me regardless.  They always have been.  I still have steno notebooks full of poems, beginnings of short stories, and ideas just waiting for cultivation.  My GoodReads account has more books listed that I want to read than I have years left in my life, and I love it.  It is just making these things that are such a big desire for me, a part of my every day routine.  I am getting there!
  2. I am more comfortable in my own skin as I approach 40 yrs old than I have ever been. – You hear women talk about finding that sweet spot in life; that age when you accept yourself, flaws and all, regardless of trends or popular opinion.  I notice that I am comfortable with myself, even though I am over weight and not aesthetically pleasing to most.  I don’t care.  I love me, quirks, rolls and all, and no one can tell me to believe otherwise.  There is a sense of calmness in my inner voice now, even though the thought of hitting 40 still is terrifying.
  3. I am at peace with relationships with people who did not live up to my expectations. – Isn’t that the one thing that can ruin a relationship?  You expect people to act a certain way (because you do), and choose to do certain things (because, who does anything else?!).  Holding people to your own expectation of what is “right” is a sure-fire way to kill any friendship or relationship.  I learned that I should enjoy the differences in people, and let people make their own mistakes and live how they choose, without me placing judgement on them for not doing things how I would.  Believe me, this is an ongoing lesson I am learning, but the major relationships in my life are more peaceful to me now.  I may have let some of these relationships go for my own sanity, but I am at peace and still respect and love those people for who they are.
  4. I love to cook. – In fact, when I began this blog, I would post recipes and those would get the largest viewings for that particular week.  I still may post recipes, but not as regularly.  I love cooking for large groups and my small family.  I am always on the hunt for new things to try!
  5. I am a passionate person. – When I feel something, I feel it BIG and, sometimes, my reactions are just as large.  So, if I am angry, happy, silly – I can be larger than life.  I am off-putting to some because they do not know how to take me, and that is all right.  There are those that cannot handle me, and there are those that would not have me any other way.  That is just fine with me.  It took me a while to learn that I do not have to adjust who I am to suit other people.  I figure, I am respectful of people around me,  so there.  I do have a tendency to speak without filter, and I have hurt some people I love in the process, but that is how I learned to dial it back a little bit to be respectful.  Once cannot be a 10 all the time!
  6. I am a recovering reality tv-aholic – Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta and New York – I loved them all!  The crazy, the drama, the lavishness.  I would watch marathons and wait with much anticipation for the winner of the latest verbal altercation.  I decided to give up on reality tv for a New Year’s resolution.  This has got to be the one and only resolution I am following through with!  Now that I am distancing myself from these programs, I notice just how ridiculous they are.  These are people, regular people, setting up drama in their lives for the sake of a pay check.  Life is way too short for that, and my time is too precious to spend it watching women act like bullies toward one another, instead of helping one another up.  Those shows are fiction in spite of their “reality” title.  Just look at the issues some are having with the law.  That is about as real as it gets.
  7. I am completely, 100% in love with my husband. – He is my rock and my best friend.  He is the only person on this earth who knows every inch of me, inside and out, and loves me no matter what.  We have been friends for 25 years (more than half our lives!), together for 17 years, and married for 15 years.  Highs, lows, laughter, tears – we have seen them all, learned from them and moved on.  Without a doubt, he is one of the most important people in my life.  He is my #1.
  8. My #2 is my son. – My soon-to-be 14yr old ball of hormones and attitude.  I have learned so much about life from him.  When I was blessed with him in November of 2000, I thought I had our lives planned to the letter.  My boy showed me not to plan, and take things one step at a time.  Even though he did not partake in the life I planned for us, he took me down a road of discovery, understanding and taught me patience.  My son has helped make me a better person.  And you think that YOU are doing the teaching as a parent; not the case.  He is my heart.
  9. I love doing things for others. – I love to make others smile.  Sometimes I take it too far (see #5), but when I love, I love big.  Never underestimate that one small gesture that can change a persons day!
  10. I am not perfect. – I may speak about my ideals and argue points about certain topics, but please do not take me as someone who thinks she is on a pedestal looking down on everyone.  All of my beliefs boil down to one simple truth: treat people how you want to be treated.  The golden rule.  I get angry for others.  I get angry for the lack of common sense in this world.  But in no way does that mean I feel as though I am better than anyone else.  I am a person, flawed, just like you.