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My name is Dawn and I am currently living in my corner of Virginia.  I am a transplant from Buffalo, NY that relocated in December, 2012.  After living in Buffalo for my entire life (then 37 years), we packed up and moved south because my husband’s job relocated.  It was heartbreaking and a blessing all rolled into one!  My husband and I are new home owners and are having a blast making our home own!

I decided to blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love to write and express my opinions.  I am a passionate person and I cannot promise you a vulgarity free blog, but I will promise you that I will be dedicated to the topics I write about.
  2. I laugh a lot about life and all that inhabits it, and I love sharing about it!
  3. I wanted to create a positive place for mom’s of my age to come and share experiences with them about the delicate balancing act that is raising teenagers and life in general.
  4. I wanted to share some ideas and tips about things that make my life, and that of my family, easier.  Whether it be recipes, home DIY projects or anything I find that may be helpful to you!
  5. I love reading, so I will feature books and give some reviews.  Heck, maybe we will start an online book club! (Light bulb!)

I mentioned that I would like to have a positive blog.  I know that there will be debates and differences of opinion more often than not, and that is all right.  I just ask that if you have an opposing viewpoint that you express it with RESPECT and KINDNESS to your fellow readers and to me.

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This is my amazing husband, Dan (and my dog, Mika).  Dan and I will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary this September, 2014!  Our story is straight out of a Lifetime TV movie, minus all the violence and infidelity.  We are high school sweethearts turned best friends, then into husband and wife!  I am sure that throughout the course of my blogging I will tell stories of our courtship, but you will have to wait!  Dan is my rock and the only person that knows all of the cracks and fissures of me and accepts me for who I am, unconditionally.  I love him with all that I am.

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This is my amazing son, Nate.  He is thirteen years old and the light of my life!  (I know, I know – I look too young to have a thirteen year old, right?  Oh stop, you’re making me blush!)  Next school year he begins his high school career, and I couldn’t be more scared to death!  He is very smart and loves all that is technology.  Minecraft, anyone?!  I am sure I will be writing more about him as well!


So, there you have my family!  We like to try new things, new restaurants, love DIY projects and have great taste in music and books!  Oh, and we are avid Buffalo Sabres fans, no matter how ugly they are looking!  You will hear a lot about us and our adventures!

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