10 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 10


So here we are at day ten of this challenge set forth by Sharon’s Book Nook.  I have enjoyed this challenge!

Day 10: One Confession

When I think of a confession, I think of one grand happening that no one knows about, and that will probably floor my readers, baffling them with disbelief.  But I cannot really think of any single thing that will shock you all.  This, however, I will confess:

Aside from missing some people from my hometown, I feel that my move to Virginia was a great move for me.

Do I miss home?  Absolutely.  But I feel like this move has allowed me to be the person that I know I am, without judgement and under the thumb of certain people and situations.  The one thing about this move that haunts me is not finishing my degree; I should have my own classroom right now.  But, life happens. I will be pursuing my degree, just in a different way.

I do miss holidays, birthdays, etc., but I love having a place and something to call my own.  I love that my family gets to have experiences that no one else has.  I love Virginia for the opportunities it offers my son, husband and myself.  God knew what he was doing when this move was offered to us.  I am so glad we listened.

There it is: not a juicy confession, but one none-the-less.